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The new album is almost ready!
Releasing the new website we've decided to upload one mp3 (more coming soon) and to reveal the Album title:

"My Toys Kill Your Existence"

What does it mean?
Stay tuned!
Stamina: 10
Intellect: 10
Strength: 5
Agility: 4
Spirit: 7
Armor: 6
Defense: 5
Resilience: 7
MaTtH started to play drums in the 2000 when he was 18.
But everybody knows that it's hard to play drums alone, so he decided to start a new punk-rock band with some schoolmates.
This band has changed many names and elements in the next 2 years until the 2002 when MaTtH met Andre/Aleksz and they finally started Sundae Milk!
MaTtH seemd like he was always looking for a new style, he had long hair, then short, long emo-style hair, then rasta-hair, zero-length hair and then Green-Cap hair! And now? What is his new style?
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