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The new album is almost ready!
Releasing the new website we've decided to upload one mp3 (more coming soon) and to reveal the Album title:

"My Toys Kill Your Existence"

What does it mean?
Stay tuned!
Vocals, Guitar
Drums, Background Vocals
Lead Guitar
"SUNDAE MILK" was born in the summer of 2002 from an Andre/Aleksz & MaTtH's idea. One week later Paul, the bass player, joined the band.
The band starts to play some melancohlic songs for their first demo called "When Feelings Feel Like Dreams".
Andre/Aleksz meets MaTtH at work where they had an idea: starts a new project called "Sundae Milk", an emocore band. They plaied together some pieces of songs. Andre/Aleksz who was a bass player, tried to play guitar for joke, and he like it! Paul, who was MaTtH's best-friend tried to play bass, and his sound was good for the Sundae Milk's project! The band recorded another demo-ep called "Crystals Inside Lenses", and then they finally recorded their forst Album for Hep Records, Chumsley Records and Strictly Commercial Records called "Downcast Lies Break Our Last Life-shell". In the 2005 they recorded a new album for Hep Records, Engineer Records, Strictly Commercial Records, Panc Records, Enemy One Records called "After a Plain Sweetness" a very rated album! Finally in the 2007 a new member join the band, Niklass, a skilled guitar player, and with the new element Sundae Milk are ready to record the new album!
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