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The new album is almost ready!
Releasing the new website we've decided to upload one mp3 (more coming soon) and to reveal the Album title:

"My Toys Kill Your Existence"

What does it mean?
Stay tuned!
After a Plain Sweetness
CD - 2005
Hep Records, Engineer Records, Strictly Commercial Records, Panc Records, Enemy One Records
1.The Sense Of Indifference
3.Same Sick Defiance
4.End Of Distance
5.Climbing Up Microwaves
6.Like An Instinct
7.The Spiral's Confusion
8.Between Your Insolence
9.Myself's Limits
10.She Can't Find You Anymore
11.Sleep Without The Answers
12.Tomorrow Never Comes
Downcast Lies Break Our Last Life-shell
CD - 2004
Hep Records, Chumsley Records, Strictly Commercial Records
1.Intra-Uterine Device
2.Innocent Victim Of Oppression
3.Before The Afterglow When Some Lights Shine in My Mirror Miles Far From The Stars
5.A Cold Empty Summer
6.Underexposure By The Overseas Deprexia
8.The Silky Season Of a Selfish Sunburst
9.High Voltage Lattices
10.Corrosion Cracking In a Power Plant
11.Living Your Last Time
12.I Don't Know What Came Over Me
13.Expecting a Kiss From The Most Shining Sunbeam
Crystals Inside Lenses
EP - 2003
Self Production
2.That's Neither More Nor Less Than Absurd!
3.He Has Been Sick Since He Was a Child
4.Nuclear Waves On This Limitated 751 Zone
5.Painting Tall Trees Relieved Against The Stars
6.The Day After... / Emo-Cry-Icetears
When Feelings Feel Like Dreams
CD - 2002
Self Production
1.The Best Point In The Lifeline
2.Jackie Wanna Live Forever With Other Spiders
3.This Is The Beginning Of The End... Now I Offer Myself To You
4.Sadly Damaged
5.Åbenrå, 3 a.m., Quiet Night
6.Hol Van a Nőgyógyaszaty Osztály?
7.Growing Up On The Animal Grease
8.Isteric And Paranoid Brain State
9.Sleeping Forever Under a Red Star
11.The Sweet Silence Of a Dead Flower
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